The GAD Difference

  • The beginning of our Production process starts right from our subdivision, that is, GAD Wire where we draw our own copper and produce PVC in-house to fulfill all our internal requirements of Wires and Cables. This empowers us to achieve and maintain consistent supply and quality of Copper and PVC used for manufacturing Wiring harnesses, Connectors, Power cords, Battery Cables, and all our other solutions
  • Best in Class Conveyor Lines for manufacturing of Wiring Harnesses with expertise in critical processes such as Injection Moulding, Crimping along with heat shrink operations of extremely thin wires (AWG 26 and less)
  • Integrated Customized ERP system right from Material planning till the dispatch of finished goods for accurate monitoring of all A, B, C class Raw materials
  • We are able to serve our esteemed clients because of our most important Assets, ‘Our Business partners’, that is, ‘Our Employees’. A Highly skilled and efficient Core Leadership Team driving the engine for our management’s constant growth and unconditional customer support philosophy
  • We are constantly committed to the highest safety standards and protocols to prevent any injuries or accidents to our business associates
  • Our complete involvement right from the Development stage with our OEM partners till the product is launched in the market enables us to strongly and efficiently support them by utilizing our expertise in technology, Quality, and safety validations. This further complements our image as being a ‘Complete One Stop Solution’ for our clients
  • At GAD, we are driven to cater to our customers’ needs as and when they require and also wherever they require across the domestically or internationally. As a follower of ‘Just in Time’ (JIT) Philosophy, we have established our presence in close proximity to our client’s facilities by setting up warehouses across the country where we maintain a minimum of 2 weeks to one month stock based on our customer’s requirements
  • We have an annual capacity to produce more than 30 million Wiring Harnesses and Power cords each along with a considerable number of our other products at all our facilities combined. GAD as an organization displays a fine exhibition of a brilliant integration of excellent and efficient manufacturing processes and proficient supply chain and logistics management systems. All this together makes us deliver top-notch quality assured products every time for our business partners
  • Our Manufacturing prowess is defined by our extremely competent supply chain management systems which ensures that approximately 2000 different types of Raw materials are available at the most appropriate time for several types of solutions for all our OEM partners. To achieve this successfully each and every time, our overseas and domestic supply chain partners and vendors support is our biggest strength which is based on our mutual commitment towards our common goal of ‘complete customer satisfaction’


  • Our State of the Art Laboratory is UL and BIS certified where we conduct the entire range of Product testing every day to fulfill the core requirement of our business partners. We are extremely proud of the trust and faith that our clients have in us as they accept and validate the test reports from our Lab for their own internal Product development tests
  • All the products that are manufactured in GAD are subject to periodic in-house reliability testing. Some of these tests include Salt spray tests, Thermal shock tests, Humidity and Flammability tests, Cable flexing tests along with conducting the Aging oven tests
    • Salt spray tests are conducted under specific temperature and period with NaCl (Sodium Chloride) to determine the rusting and corrosion of components
    • Thermal shock tests are carried out from -25 to +85 degree to determine the durability
    • Humidity and Flammability tests are carried out at a higher humidity factor of up to 95 %
    • Aging oven tests are carried out in the fresh air cycle at 136 degrees for 7 days, which determines the life of the given product after twenty years

    To avoid even a minuscule chance of a possible gap in our Quality and Reliability testing, we frequently send our products to external agencies as well for testing purposes

  • All quality tests related to Copper and PVC take place every day in our Lab to make sure the product is delivered to the end customer is 100% defect-free
  • We take pride to announce that each and every product being delivered to our clients is 100% electrically and visually inspected before being dispatched